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Teaching and service

Undergraduate capstone showcase coordination
SP23, FA22, SP22, FA21, SP21
University of Colorado Boulder

Virtual capstone coordination, graphic and web design aspects for the online exhibition within the Media Production program at CU Boulder. Overseeing this initiative, I conducted workshops that engaged more than 150 students, guiding them in optimizing their media pieces for accessibility and integrating accessibility as a goal of their finished products. This multifaceted role ensured the seamless integration of their work into the digital realm and various screening platforms.

Capstone showcase website:


CMDP 3250 Histories of Animation
Instructor, SP24 (Online and asynchronous)
University of Colorado Boulder

This course will examine the history of animation in regards to technical, aesthetic, industrial, and social development within an international context, particularly in relation to technological advancements, and wider cultural and political movements. Screenings and frequent writing assignments will encourage critical skills in terms of animation and cultural criticism. I will teach the course asynchronously by designing online modules for Canvas, pre-recording videos, and office hours for students.

See the Syllabus (PDF of Canvas pages)


CMDP 2100 Historical Media Practices
Teaching Assistant, SP23, FA22, SP20, FA19 (In-person)

This course is an intensive seminar on the theory and history of media and mediation, surveying texts and media artifacts, both historical and contemporary, with an emphasis on critical understandings of media production and reception as it is experienced in the 21st century in art and everyday interactions. The work produced in this class cultivates an eye toward critical research and encourages new understandings of the relation between theory and practice, method and example. A research seminar that spans media practices, from cinema to sound art and from video games to television, this course teaches students how to pursue media-related research in a historical context to become competent critical analysts.

See my teaching evaluation reviews by students


CMDP 3600 Creative Media Making
Instructor, SP22 (In-person)
University of Colorado Boulder

 "Creative Media Making" focuses on investigating and constructing individual practices as a creative endeavor. Contemporary media are fluid and unrestrictive, allowing for infinite combinations and myriad applications. This can be daunting for students whose practice is just beginning. Through projects requiring a multivariate approach with relaxed guidelines, students explore their own interests and technical predispositions in the contexts of documentary media, sound practices, and performance media.  Work in the class focussed on developing long-term thinking in terms of media practice.

Syllabus & participation:


CMDP 3510 Participatory Media Production
Instructor, FA21 (Hybrid)
University of Colorado Boulder

The practice of participatory media empowers communities to undertake collaborative processes for social change. Outside the limitations of established media conventions, this course covers content co-creation on social media, crowdsourced media for creative work, and online platforms for participatory production approaches. The course encourages students to extend their current practice (whatever that may be) with community-engaged media, networked art and performance, curating, and media activism.  Students had their collective work shown at the B.E.A.T exhibition at the Museum of Boulder!

Syllabus & participation:


ADAD 9312 Leadership in The Creative Industries
Instructor, 2018-2019 (In-person)
University of New South Wales

The graduate course explores leadership definitions and their intersections within cultural and creative industries, emphasizing practical techniques to shape careers. It delves into leadership from both theoretical and real-world perspectives, emphasizing its varied forms beyond organizational hierarchy. Cultural leadership's interconnectedness with disciplines like marketing, writing, management, and creative production is highlighted. Using lectures, workshops, case studies, and action learning, students engage with examples of leadership in cultural and creative organizations, fostering self-reflection and enhancing leadership capacity for the evolving cultural landscape.

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