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Morphing Chaos (2022)
Exhibited and performed at Perception Shift, Union Hall in Denver

"Morphing Chaos" is a series of generative digital organisms that embody ecological connectivity through mutant interactions. The artwork delves into the metaphor of a virus's spread to illustrate the intricate web of connections between living and nonliving entities. The title draws inspiration from chaos computing, where chaotic morphing involves a nonlinear circuit producing diverse patterns with deterministic chaos dynamics. In this context, chaos, being deterministic, contrasts with the mostly random nature of decay, particularly at the atomic level and beyond—making it the observable source of randomness. The project aims to draw attention to environmental decay by intertwining psychological and sociological constructs of personal and political decline. Through the abstract manipulation of forms, the morphing and mutating process imparts a sense of control and containment within this chaotic narrative.

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