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Ecomedia Colorado

Ecomedia Colorado invites residents and visitors of Colorado to engage in dialogues and expressions concerning local environmental issues, fostering spaces conducive to meaningful interpretation and creative representation of scientific data. The project has been implemented in Las Animas County, Grand Lake County, and Boulder County, with installations in Trinidad (2022) and Lafayette (2023).


We extend a call to artists, activists, citizen scientists, ranchers, youth, senior citizens, residents, and visitors to contribute to the creation of ecological media (ecomedia) that specifically addresses water scarcity and quality for public video projection installations. Through co-creation workshops involving residents and community stakeholders, we aim to explore and compile diverse contributions, forming a visual collage for interactive video projections.


Ecomedia, in this context, encompasses a broad spectrum of media, including visual art, quantitative and qualitative data, water samples, log notes, photography, and videography of lakes and their contributing watersheds, documentation of restoration efforts, poetry, traditional stories, and more. Your participation in this project can take the form of an "observation," ideally by enrolling and contributing to the CitSci project with text and images related to a specific geographical location. Alternatively, you can directly submit media and descriptions through our website.

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