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Interactive installation for the exhibition Sacrum

Curated by Jenny Nagashima Jan-Feb, 2023, Union Hall in Denver

Nerves is an interactive audiovisual installation that represents the (seemingly) invisible technological and biological networks and systems that communicate with each other, essentially part of the functioning of a home or a womb. The interactive video and sound pieces act as modules and respond to the other artists works in Sacrum. Sounds were created to be connected to other works and are made using both analogue and digital synthesis, as well as vocal samples. These ambient and descriptive sounds invoke relational, interactive, and embodied listenings for internal and bodily processes we do not normally hear.

Curated by Jenny Nagashima, Sacrum unravels the layers of intimacy surrounding the universal yet unnamable sensations experienced in the womb and the complications that arise in the pursuit of recreating those feelings in our daily lives.

Nerves emits sensations felt in the womb, the complications that develop in the relationship between comfort and protection, and how the process of neurulation formulates the template of these dynamics. These artists explore the nuance of this experience and how individual manifestations of the sacrum shape the way we engage with our communities and the harsh nature of the contemporary world. Which, in turn, can become the source of the conflict that arises in the space between the subtle variations of our individual, cultural, and societal expectations.

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