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Baltlantis (2011)

Baltlantis was a telematic media environment with the intention of creating a metaphorical representation of Atlantis, drawing upon connections established during my three-month residency. Influenced by Plato's depiction of Atlantis as a symbol of societal pursuit of power, greed, and eventual collapse, Baltlantis aimed to narrate this story in a more engaging and interactive manner, allowing participants to either adhere to the literary account or contribute to its modification.


To facilitate this endeavor, I leveraged WATERWHEEL as an online, real-time platform for live, networked performance presentations, and workshop rehearsals. WATERWHEEL, recognized for its interactive and collaborative features, serves as a dynamic space for content creation and sharing centered around the theme of water.


This project was realized under the auspices of Suzon Fuks as part of her Australia Council Fellowship. Key contributors to Baltlantis included Director and Performer Kimberley Bianca, Electronic Musician Cly/Suva, Online Participants Amin Hammami (Tunisia) and Suzon Fuks (Australia), Saxophonist Susanna Salama, and Fire Performer Ira Saburva.



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