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Baltlantis (2011)

Baltlantis was a telematic media environment. The concept was to create a metaphorical rendition of Atlantis by involving people I had met during my 3-month residency. I was influenced by Plato’s Atlantis representing a civilisations’ strive for power and greed, and eventual collapse. Baltlantis aimed to convey this story in a more playful environment, one which people can directly be involved in either making the story the same as the literary

account or given the opportunity to change it.


I utilised WATERWHEEL as an online, real-time venue, forum and stage for live, networked performance presentation and workshop rehearsals. WATERWHEEL is an interactive, collaborative platform for creating and sharing content around the theme of water.

The project is realised by Suzon Fuks for her Australia Council Fellowship.


Director, Performer, Scenic Artist: Kimberley Bianca

Electronic Musician: Cly/Suva

Online Participants: Amin Hammami (Tunisia) & Suzon Fuks (Australia)

Saxaphone: Susanna Salama

Fire Performer: Ira Saburva



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