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A Camouflage Opera (2019)
Audiovisual design for Kurtág - Attila József, Fragments

Scenography and audiovisual design for the performance of Kurtág - Attila József Fragments, featuring opera singer Judit Molnar on November 29th, 2019, in Australia.


Kurtág's fragments drew inspiration from the poetry of interwar writers, notably Attila József (1905-1937), regarded as the "proletariat poet" of Hungary. The composition delves into József's mental struggles and fascination with organic decay, giving rise to three overarching aesthetic themes: organic, political, and personal decay. These thematic elements were conceptualized through the lens of Felix Guattari's "ecosophy," which explores the cyclical interconnectedness of ecologies and anthropogenic ecological degradation.


The audiovisual performance design embodied Keith Armstrong's "ecosophical praxis," rooted in Guattari's ecosophy. This praxis proposes an artistic approach grounded in the recognition that our ecological crisis is inherently cultural, stemming from a perceived disconnection from ecology.

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