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Art Voice was a prototype of an interactive museum app designed to enhance a user's experience with representations of cultural artifacts. For example when paintings themselves are not currently in the collection. The ARTVOICE concept and demo were developed for the Europeana Space Hacking Culture Bootcamp in Amsterdam. Neils Poldervaart and I teamed up with NOTERIK multi-screen technology providers to develop the demo. As winners of the hackathon Neils and I were brought to London to undergo business modeling of ARTVOICE.

When a visitor enters the exhibition in the cultural venue they are able to use their smart devices to navigate a large-scale projection of the artifact. Here they can find and focus on a character or object using their device as a spotlight, and choose to record new or to play a recording from the bank of recordings. The result is a played-out scene with multiple recordings and/or participants

Art Voice (2015)

Role: Project lead, UI & UX designer

Co-developer: Neils Poldervaart Role: App programmer

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