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Azured Vault (2011)

Azured Vault was a series of improvised public performances, live projections, and community art held during the Surfers Paradise Festival on the Gold Coast, Australia. The Gold Coast is my closest concept of a “home”, and I sought to engage with the community through this project..

Collaborators were recruited through a multi-channel outreach strategy encompassing social media, council forums, and the local newspaper, attracting participants from diverse regions across the Gold Coast who were unfamiliar with one another, introducing an element of excitement. As the project's facilitator and director, I encouraged extensive creative input from collaborators while ensuring remuneration through the STARBURST budget.


The performances, evolving in coordination and harmony over three two-hour happenings, were entirely improvised. I incorporated imagery and text submitted by community members about the Gold Coast, infusing a unique local flavor into the project. Post-festival, I transformed the amassed material into a video installation showcased at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, Australia. The project's culmination involved the creation of a DVD, formatted during my residency in Tallinn, Estonia.


Director, design, vocals, visuals, archiving: Kimberley Bianca

Guitar, sitar, vocals, audio mixing: Travis Jekkes Taylor

Didgeridoo: Luke McCarthy

Theramin, sound art: Jesse Brekeon-Thomas

Flute, violin: Byronic Twist

Sampling: Luke Goodwin

Photo/videographer: Shelli Bankier


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