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Azured Vault (2011)

Azured Vault was a series of improvised public performances, live projections, and community art held during the Surfers Paradise Festival on the Gold Coast, Australia. As I lived on the Gold Coast for eight years, this is my closest concept of a “home”, so I wanted to do something with the community.

I made a call out for collaborators via social media, a council forum, and the local newspaper. The selection came from all over the Gold Coast. The members did not know each other, so this was an exciting aspect. I facilitated and directed the entire program, allowing much creative input from the collaborators. Everyone received a fee from the STARBURST budget.


The performances were improvised and improved in coordination and harmony over the three two-hour situational events. I applied sources of the communities' submitted imagery and text about the Gold Coast. Shortly after the festival, I was also able to make a video installation using the material in the shopfront of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, Australia.

The project concluded with a DVD I formatted during my residency in Tallinn.


Director, design, vocals, visuals, archiving: Kimberley Bianca

Guitar, sitar, vocals, audio mixing: Travis Jekkes Taylor

Didgeridoo: Luke McCarthy

Theramin, sound art: Jesse Brekeon-Thomas

Flute, violin: Byronic Twist

Sampling: Luke Goodwin

Photo/videographer: Shelli Bankier


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