Azured Vault (2011)

Azured Vault was a series of improvised public performances, live projections and community art held during Surfers Paradise Festival on the Gold Coast, Australia. As I lived on the Gold Coast for eight years, this is my closest concept of a “home”, so I wanted to do something with the community.


The Gold Coast is not reputed for its creative culture. In my call out to the community asking what people would like to see valued more in the region, most replied with more culture. Surfers Paradise Festival is an attempt at this; yet it is fuelled with corporate motives. Convincing the CEO to permit a series of improvised public performances at major tourist landmarks was a difficult procedure. However I received STARBURST, a local council funding to host the performances.


I made a call out for collaborators via social media, a council forum and the local newspaper. The selection came from all over the Gold Coast. The members did not know each other so this was an exciting aspect. I facilitated and directed the entire program, allowing much creative input from the collaborators. Everyone received a fee from the STARBURST budget.


The performances were improvised and improved in coordination and harmony over the three, two-hour situational events. I applied sources of the communities submitted imagery and text about the Gold Coast. Shortly after the festival I was also able to make a video installation using the material in the shopfront of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, Australia.

The project concluded with a DVD I formatted during my residency in Tallinn


Director, design, vocals, visuals, archiving: Kimberley Bianca

Guitar, sitar, vocals, audio mixing: Travis Jekkes Taylor

Didgeridoo: Luke McCarthy

Theramin, sound art: Jesse Brekeon-Thomas

Flute, violin: Byronic Twist

Sampling: Luke Goodwin

Photo/videographer: Shelli Bankier