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Title TBD - something around nerves/nervous system

This page is a living journal of Kimberley Bianca's interactive installation for the

exhibition Sacrum curated by Jenny Nagashima Jan-Feb, 2023 at Union Hall in Denver

Approach for Sacrum

I work in digital and interactive art with both visuals and sound. Often, my work responds to other artists and sites like a design brief. My creative decisions, colors used, shapes, and sounds are created to be connected to other works and to the concept as they evolve. In this sense, the technology serves the other pieces. For Sacrum, this could be considered the (almost) invisible technological and biological networks that communicate with each other, essentially part of the functioning of a home or a womb, like nerves.

One possibility (upon discussion with all artists) for this work is to attach some touch sensors or a kind of button on/around each artist's work to trigger a sound. I would prerecord these sounds with each artwork in mind. I would create the sounds with a modular synthesizer and potentially voice if the artist wants that.


If doing a visual, I would like to avoid having a large rectangle as a video work. A visual could be projected onto another’s artwork or the unusual surface of the room. Having interactive visuals could pose too complicated to arrange in such a short time and budget, but the interactive sound is feasible. Nevertheless, a video projection of a simple video onto whichever surface we choose in our meetings is straightforward.


Recent interactive works

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