Multimedia Poetry Workshop

Multimedia Poetry Workshop , November 2015, Kalmar, Sweden


This two-day multimedia workshop brought refugees and the local youth centre together to create a collaborative video.

Together we journeyed on a poetry video walk, each using any device with a camera or microphone, to shoot video, record voice and other sounds to create a piece of audiovisual poetry. We used various camera apps for capturing video in stylistic ways. The intention of the walk was to allow our senses to lead the journey, and not necessarily using pre-conceptions or knowledge of the place to direct us. Since we all have individual constructs to our senses, the walk encouraged us to build a sensory identity in collaboration.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants chose their favourite material and I showed them how to do simple video editing to compose the content content into a finished video poem.  

Participants: Joy Warringer, Elia Shaban, Abdullahi, Basant Shafik, Samhar and Kare Holgerson.