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May 23, 2018

ElectroLab fostered a unique environment for artists to develop and test their projects. By taking the Electrofringe community out of the underground warehouse spaces and bedrooms, and exposing them to a professional space in the city centre, I strived to facilitate a regular environment and program for artists and audiences to meet, network, collaborate and exchange feedback.

EF17 Art + Tech Showcase

November 07, 2017

On 4 November EF17 created a cosmic rip in 107 Redfern to liberate artists, hackers and musicians into Sydney's expanding space of electronic art. From scattering rays to altering consciousness, EF17 sets an open platform for experimental ideas, practices and techniques. Interact with bioelectrical machines, dance to a raw music program, and learn how to mousejack your housemate's computers.

DIASPAR - Vivid Music Showcase

June 13, 2017

A curated a night of experimental and emerging artists showcasing their exciting works for the Vivid Music series at 107 Projects. The evening provided a glimpse into the world of Sydney’s emerging technology-infatuated sonic talent.

EF16 Showcase for Creative Technology

September 24, 2016

Electrofringe's annual flagship across two days at 107 Projects. #EF16 featured a one-day showcase of experimental work and performance, with a second day of workshops and demonstrations

VJ Union BERLIN Meeting

August 11, 2015

VJ Union is a global networking platform multimedia performing artists, with aims to promote projects, discuss standards, play, educate, and expose works on an international stage

Multimedia Poetry Workshop

November 19, 2015

A multimedia workshop designed to bring refugees and local youth together in Kalmar, Sweden to create a collaborative video


September 20, 2012

A participatory telematic performance environment developed over three-month artist residency at Culture Factory Polymer, Estonia

Azured Vault

June 01, 2011

Multi-platform project developed through open jam sessions in public spaces and an open video submission, culminating into a final performance.

Polymer Culture Factory Festival

August 22, 2013

Curator of Music and Audiovisual programs 2012-2013

Project Pixel

November 20, 2012

Project Pixel 2012 edition was organised by Australian artists Rose Staff and Kimberley Bianca with aims to contribute to the local art community, unite international media artists in a physically flexible space and facilitate networking

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