Selected Projects
This page presents a selection of socially engaged and participatory projects I directed/curated/co-created.

Electrofringe 2016-2018  Roles: Artistic Director, Curatorial Facilitator, Technical direction, Graphic & web design, Fund raiser

NFP organisation, festival and exhibition platform

Over two years, I worked on innovating Electrofringe into an organisation and networking platform. Through this newly implemented year-round program of unique exhibitions and events, Electrofringe seeks to foster innovative works and creative practices that use technology in new and exciting ways. Electrofringe focuses on putting artists and their works in the same place at the same time to encourage artistic exchange, development and dialogue. At the core of Electrofringe's programming is a dedication to supporting emerging electronic and tech-based artists through the presentation of work and ideas in medium-sensitive environments, and to lead the way in nurturing a vital culture of experimental electronic and tech-based art in Australia.

Electrofringe Website

KaleidOk 2015   Role: Director, Researcher, UI & UX, Front-end

Co-developer:  David Foerster Role: Lead programmer, Back end

Software & Interactive Art

KaleidOK invites participants to use a new kind of interactive media tool and take part in an emerging experience which explores speech recognition, media retrieval and visuals generating in a collaborative context (between humans, between cultures, and between humans and machines).

We employed a method of applied research, which involved system development, artistic practice and user studies. Through this journey we found that by displaying affective visual feedback of speech people are more than willing to express themselves emotionally and, therefore, have a more meaningful experiences with interactive content currently displayed.

KaleidOk website

ARTVOICE 2015   Role: Project lead, UI & UX designer

Co-developer: Neils Poldervaart Role: App programmer

Multiscreen app

ARTVOICE was a prototype smart device app, designed to enhance a users experience with representations of cultural artefacts. ARTVOICE was developed for the Europeana Space Hacking Culture Bootcamp in Amsterdam. We teamed up with NOTERIK multi-screen technology. The ARTVOICE is useful for when paintings are not currently in collection. When a visitor enters the exhibition in the cultural venue they are able to use their smart devices to navigate a large scale projection of the artefact. Here they can find and focus on a character or object using their device as a spotlight, and choose to record new or to play from the bank of recordings.


Hackathon Report

Multimedia Poetry Workshop  2015     Role: Organiser & Facilitator

Participatory multimedia

Two-day multimedia workshop which brought refugees and local youth together to create a collaborative video. The first day consisted of a "poetry walk" where we let our senses lead the journey, and refrained from pre-conceptions of knowledge of the locations. Since we all have individual constructs to our senses, the walk was designed to encourage us to build a sensory identity in collaboration.

The second day consisted of collaboratively video editing the piece, including the audio soundtrack.

Participants: Joy Warringer, Elia Shaban , Abdullahi, Basant Shafik, Samhar

Frozen Sunset video poem (4mins)

Psychedelic Sandbox 2015 Role: Director, co-programmer

Co-developer: Jakob Karge Role: co-programmer

Interactive Installation Hack

Augmented Reality Sandbox  is a museum application hacked for the Yaga Arts Gathering in Lithuania. We developed a large-scale version of the software, hacked its colour maps and depths, and designed it for full body interaction. Jakob Karge and I also coded our own version from scratch in VVVV, and performed in it. Which can be seen here


AR Sandbox is a real-time integrated augmented reality system to physically create topography models which are then scanned into a computer in real time. The software uses a combination of several GLSL shaders to color the surface by elevation using customizable color maps 

AR Sandbox Toolkit from UC Davis

VJ union BERLIN Meeting    2014-15       Role: Coordinator/ Curator

Series of Events

Originating in Australia, VJ Union is a global networking platform of multimedia performing artists, for promoting projects, perform, discuss industry standards, educate, and expose works on an International stage. After being involved with VJ Union for several years, I ran 10 events at Panke Culture in Berlin between 2014 and 2015. The series of VJ Union Berlin events were open environments, enabling freeform and participatory action. I acted as a coordinator; organising venue details,  logistics, equipment, communicating with artists, and for most of the editions, I would curate a workshop facilitator or musician headlined the event. On the 14th of January 2015, VJ Union Berlin Meeting was a part of the Transmediale Vorspiel program.

Optimum Biomechanical System     2012    Role: Artist/ Video

Performance art video walk

Influenced by the poetry of Kristian Jaak Peterson’s, and one of the most beautifully executed protests in history, The Baltic Way, I decided to take such a journey. In June 2012 I made a 340km walk in 12 days from Polymer Culture Factory in Tallinn, Estonia to Totaldobže Artist Centre in Riga, Latvia. I had been involved with these centres as artist-in-resident, workshop facilitator and performer. Alike many other arts initiatives and non-profit organisations I was inpired how they communally operate, often without funding, and yet be crucial hubs of activism, alternative education and thriving artistic culture. I recorded spoken word, imagery, streamed online and documented the walk. Afterwards, I presented the media created at the cultural centres.

OBS Blog

BALTLANTIS     2011-12       Role: Curator, Technician, Vocalist

Telematic performance environment

Baltlantis was a metaphorical rendition of Plato's Atlantis representing a civilisations’ strive for power, greed, great technological infrastructure, and eventual collapse. Over a three-month residency at Culture Factory Polymer in Tallinn, Estonia, I gathered materials from the former soviet toy factory, and gradually built the environment with a group of Russian squatters.  Baltlantis consisted of several collaborative performances and workshops, however it accumulated in a final networked environment. Baltlantis aimed to convey Atlantis in a more playful environment, one which people can directly be involved in changing the narrative through technology, music, art and performance. The telematic platform used was Waterwheel, developed by Suzon Fuks.

Electronic Musician: Cly/Suva, Online Participants: Amin Hammami (Tunisia) & Suzon Fuks (Australia), Saxaphone: Sus Salama, Fire: Ira Saburva

Baltlantis blog

Azured Vault    2011     Role: Curator, VJ, Vocalist

Participatory performances in public spaces

Azured Vault was a series of improvised public performances, live projections and community art held during Surfers Paradise Festival on the Gold Coast, Australia. Participants were found via callouts on social media, a council forum and the local newspaper. The performances were improvised and progressed over the three events. I applied sources of the communities submitted imagery and text about the Gold Coast. Shortly after the festival I was also able to make a video installation using the material in the shopfront of the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art.


Participants: Travis Jekks Taylor, Jesse Brekon-Thomas, ByronicTwist, Luke Jamie, Luke McCarthy, David Fraser and Shelli Bankier

Azured Vault Blog

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