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Where I’m from: I grew up in Thailand and Australia, however I’m a German-British-Maltese citizen, born in Malta and recently based in Boulder, USA. 

Kimberley Bianca hi@kimberleybianca.com


Hello, I create media art, curate events, and research in design and technology. In 2019 I completed a practice-based MPhil thesis at UNSW Art & Design in Australia, entitled “Innovating Electrofringe: A Distributed Curatorial Platform for Electronic Art”, while I was directing the arts organisation and annual festival, Electrofringe. 

Previously to this, I did a BSc in Art & Technology from Saxion University in the Netherlands, where David Foerster and I developed the software-based public art project “KaleidOk: Visually Communicating Emotions from Spoken Word”, contributing to the Observe interactive public screens project in 2015. Prior to academia, I trained as an apprentice multimedia designer for Human ventures before launching my business in VJ’ing and media production where I practised in Australia, Estonia, Germany, UK, and the Netherlands. Over my travels, I produced participatory curatorial outputs and workshops at CellSpace in San Francisco, Polymer Culture Factory in Tallinn, Totaldobže in Riga, VJ meetings across Berlin, and developed workshop programs for social ventures in Sweden and Australia. I sometimes perform audiovisual art and poetry as Disaster Girl at festivals internationally.   


I'm growing concerned with the consumption and waste of technology in the creative industries and how this is not a sustainable culture in our rapidly changing environment. I'm a 1st year student in the PhD in Emergent Technologies and Media Arts Practices at CU Boulder whereI will investigate these issues.